Best nonstick pans for induction

Induction kitchen appliances appeared a long time ago, but the high cost and incomprehensible rules of use scared away buyers. Over time, the benefits became undeniable, prices fell, and people, purchasing ovens, began to look for suitable dishes. It differs from the usual one by special ferromagnetic elements. They allow you to heat the surface faster and cook food more efficiently. The rest of the dishes are not much different from the usual ones. There are several popular pot manufacturers on the market that are known for their high quality products. Among them, the premium brands Fissler and Woll stand out. These German companies were among the first to produce induction cookware. Buyers agree that it is very ergonomic and durable. However, the cost is appropriate. Frying pans of the Tefal brands from France, BAF from Germany, Tescoma from the Czech Republic, Hackman from Finland, and Lodge from America are considered more affordable, but no less quality. We have compiled a rating of the best models of popular companies in different price categories, analyzed customer reviews, strengths, and weaknesses. The list includes pans that are suitable for induction and are made from different materials.

1)Rondell Evolution-r Rda-796

The first place among the best pots for cooking on induction hobs is taken by the product of the German manufacturer “Rondell”. The reviews from the owners of the saucepans speak of the quality of the product much better than the characteristics of the manufacturer. The Rondel Evolution-R is a quality, roomy frying pan suitable for a wide variety of dishes, from simple omelets to layered casseroles and meat dishes.


  • Fast, even heating of the entire surface of the pan;
  • Thick bottom and walls of the product;
  • You can bake dishes in the oven, load them into the dishwasher for cleaning;
  • High-quality, multi-layer, non-stick coating with the addition of diamond chips, thanks to which cooked food easily slides off the pan, does not burn, does not stick and fries evenly;
  • Does not deform from a sharp temperature drop;
  • You can cook food without using oil for frying, or with a minimum amount of it;
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle with a special coating that prevents it from heating up during cooking.


  • Short service life. Even with careful and proper care – no more than 2 years;
  • After the first year of regular use, the coating begins to deteriorate, the products begin to stick and burn.

2) WOLL Diamond Lite Induction

The eminent German manufacturer also took the second line of the TOP-10 rating. The Woll Diamond lite induction is a premium frying pan made with quality materials and new technologies. The manufacturer has made sure that the product can serve for many years without losing its qualities.


  • Five-layer, non-stick coating of the inner side of the “Diamant Titan” frying pan, one of the main components of which is diamond grit;
  • It is permissible to use metal accessories when cooking products, this will not cause deformation or damage to the product;
  • Dishwasher safe;
  • Cooking without adding fat or oil;
  • Uniform heating of the working surface, high-quality roasting, and appetizing golden brown crust on any type of food;
  • Keeping warm for a long time;
  • Suitable for all types of stoves;
  • Quality bakelite handle with a silicone coating that keeps the handle cool even when exposed to high temperatures, removable simple mechanism;
  • Can be used for oven cooking.


  • Do not cook foods with a high acid content, otherwise, over time, this will ruin the coating;
  • Temperature drops are unacceptable;
  • Large weight;
  • Very high cost.

3)Fissman Rock Stone 4433 28 cm

One of the most inexpensive pans with good performance available to everyone. Fissman Rock Stone is a dense die-cast aluminum product with a Platinum Forte multi-layer coating.


  • Four-layer non-stick coating with added stone chips. All materials used for the manufacture of the product are environmentally friendly, do not emit harmful substances during cooking, even under the condition of daily use and the presence of scratches on the inner surface;
  • Stylish, classic design – nothing more;
  • Calmly tolerates temperature extremes, you can store ready-made meals in a frying pan in the refrigerator;
  • Fast and uniform heating of the product surface;
  • According to the owners, with proper care, the pan will wash off to last at least 4-5 years
  • Frying food without adding fat and vegetable oil.


The coating is easily scratched with a metal spatula and a hard cleaning sponge. It is recommended to stir the food during cooking with wooden or silicone accessories, wash it by hand with a soft sponge and alkali-free dishwashing detergent.

4) Ballarini Positano Granitium

The Italian quality of the frying pan also did not pass by the rating of the best pans. The product “Positano Granitium Ballarini” is made of aluminum, with a dense layer of non-stick coating developed using the special technology “Granitum”.


  • Wear-resistant coating consisting of four layers with the addition of granite chips;
  • Long service life;
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher and clean the surface of the pan with stiff brushes for washing promises;
  • The frying pan cover is made of environmentally friendly materials, does not emit toxic substances during cooking;
  • Sturdy, ergonomic handle that does not heat up and has a hanging hole;
  • A special indicator of heating the surface of the Termopoint frying pan, which will notify the owner that it is ready to brown and how to fry everything that will be on its surface;
  • Suitable for all stoves;
  • Let’s allow heating up to 160 degrees in the oven.


  • No cover included. Finding it on third-party Internet resources is quite problematic. If necessary, the cover can be ordered on the official website of the manufacturer;
  • Unjustifiably overpriced;
  • After six months of use, the handles of most pans begin to loosen.

5) KobaltBlau Riess

Stylish frying pan made in the style of “Mood color blue”. A quality product that will delight housewives not only with good characteristics but also with a unique color scheme. For many years, the cookware manufacturer Riess has regularly produced quality pans for everyday use.


  • Cast steel body with blue non-stick multilayer coating;
  • Stylish, unique product design;
  • Time-tested manufacturer and quality;
  • The coating of the pan does not lend itself to deformation from the use of metal objects during cooking, does not scratch, does not crack;
  • Temperature drops and baking dishes in the oven are acceptable;
  • Due to the smoothness of the enameled surface of the coating, odors do not accumulate in the pan. They do not absorb oil and carcinogens from past cooking or as a result of a frying pan that was not washed in time;
  • Ease of care. The product is cleaned with a mild agent and a sponge;
  • Fast heating of the pan, even heat distribution;
  • Long handle, made of heat-resistant material, does not heat up or deform from high temperatures;


  1. Contact with cold water is inadmissible. It provokes the destruction of the enamel, as a result of which cracks, scratches will appear on its surface, and the products will burn;
  1. Contact with cold water is inadmissible. It provokes the destruction of the enamel, as a result of which cracks, scratches will appear on its surface, and the products will burn;
  1. Contact with cold water is inadmissible. It provokes the destruction of the enamel, as a result of which cracks, scratches will appear on its surface, and the products will burn;

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